Celebrate Minatech Corporation to Gain the Core Patent of Metal 3D Printing Powders

Warmly celebrate Minatech Co., Ltd. gained a series of core patents in the field of metallic 3D printing powders. The patent entitled “Quick freezing method for metal melt” is one of these patents which are invented by the professional group of Minatech. Some experts in this group have undertaken the national 863 project and made a lot of technical breakthroughs. Our company owns the most advanced technology in producing metal spherical powders. We have accumulated a strong technical force in this field. We have advanced technology to produce high-quality metallic powders with high sphericity and narrow size distribution. The metallic powders can also be used for electronic packaging, laser repairing, thermal spraying, etc. Our company has paid much attention on the research and development innovation. The fields involve equipment manufacturing, powder process development and 3D printing service etc. The prepared powders possess several advantages, including high apparent density, excellent flowability and low oxygen content. It is anticipated to avoid the defects such as hollow powders and minimal satellite powders, and suitable for all kinds of present metal 3D printing machines.

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